i stumbled upon an adorable feature of an organic/folk inspired wedding a few months ago and have ceased to stop thinking about it.

from hand drawn, whimsical invitations with a cake to match, to a mariachi band,  an urban outfitters-styled groom, and these too-darn-cute, crafty flowers…

tissue flowers

i thought these were such a creative idea- and i’m a sucker for anything handmade- so i figured i would post these easy instructions on how to re-create this look for your own wedding or an upcoming party!

{diy project by: anna bond, rifle design}
– – –


1. gallon size glass jar; 2. sheet moss; 3. found branches; 4. pom poms; 5. scissors; 6. tissue paper; 7. hot glue gun


Cut the tissue paper into 3 different sized circles (try cutting at least 4 sheets at a time to prevent the tissue paper from ripping and to save time).


Create the paper flowers by layering the three sizes on top of each other and then:

1. Pinch the papers underneath with your fingertips in the center of the stack.
2. Gently twist the bottom to start giving the paper it’s floral shape.
3. You should now have a little nub on the underside of the flower from where you were pinching. You will use this to attach the flower to the branch.


Attach the flowers by dabbing small drops of glue onto the branch with your glue gun. Press the flowers gently to the branch for a few seconds while the glue sets.

– – –

here is a small handful of gorgeous photographs from this wedding i can’t get enough of…in the meantime, i hope everyone is having an amazing labor day weekend with loved ones.

happy paper making!   xo




if you love love love these child like, folk inspired wedding invitations- check out anna bond. she’s not only this beautiful bride, but the amazing designer of her own charming invites.

{photos by belathee photography}


i’ve just recently acquired a new little workspace for making my lovelies and have gotten it organized with compartments and baskets and drawers for all of my fun crafty things.

i’ve been completely in love with my new space, and have remained tucked away in it, experimenting with making all kinds of new fabric flowers.

i’m so excited about some of the fabric patterns i picked up recently, as well as some fun new colors of tulle and adorable rustic buttons. the mix of all three is absolutely delightful and i can’t wait to share photos with you soon…

hope everyone is having a beautiful wednesday.

the weather here is a such a breath of fresh air…i’m working with my windows open…



{photo by our labor of love}

i’m not positive i’ve taken the time to express quite adequately my love for joy thigpen.

if you haven’t heard of her, you need need need to go look at her work. and if you don’t know her personally, you should make that a life goal. <3

joy thigpen is not only amazing at what she does (design & wedding photography), but she is one of the loveliest personalities to be around and get to know.

i had the delightful opportunity of meeting her (and her way-too-cool assistant, brittany) at love affair, as she was the designer behind our “sweeten” theme for this year’s workshop.

her unique way of pulling in details and pairing elements to make a room, space, or entire event come to life is absolutely brilliant. everything she touches seems to turn into a dreamworld.

i worked along side her to prepare for the finale night and got SO unbelievably excited when she shared with me that we would be re-creating something similar to that of confetti system’s handmade, colorful streamers. {if you haven’t read my blog about confetti system, read about them here!}

to top off the streamers, joy brought in a collection of mix and match tea lights, all kinds of the most delightful flowers in sweet little vases, home-made jams, and we scattered paper-punched hearts anywhere possible.

it was the most beautiful night i have ever been apart of.

thank you joy, for your remarkable brain, your eye for color, your delight in details- and for letting me be a part of all that you do!



{details by lauren clark}


Picture 2

{photos by the beautiful nancy ray, love affair attendee!}

amanda not only works with me at MHP, but is one of the most beautiful people I know and is married to an amazing man- brent holloman.

they’ve been married for almost 3 years and are an incredible example of easy-going love, balance, and the beauty behind marrying someone that is your perfect compliment.

amanda & brent modeled this year for love affair {read more about this in older posts} and their photos came out absolutely heart wrenching.

i designed the sticks & thistles boutonniere to be small & light to work with her hair, and i incorporated the colors from her gorgeous anthropologie dress…i think the duo was jaw-dropping.

enjoy! {photos by lauren clark}




happy 3rd anniversary to you two. i love your love for each other and pray that god blesses you with many more to come!

images from love affair this year are slowly but surely trickling in to the photo studio the last few weeks…

it’s been so great to see all of the amazing aspects of the workshop tied together and made tangible in all of these creative and remarkable photographs.

love affair was the creative brain child of my mega-talented boss, millie holloman, in collaboration with 3 other unbelievably gifted photographers- lauren clark, kelly moore, and davina fear.

love affair was designed to help women build their business, reignite their passions, and learn how to have a love affair with everything they adore in life- never letting business push out the small joys of living.

i’m so proud of the amazing things love affair has done for so many women worldwide. and this year’s workshop in midtown, atlanta was our BEST yet.

we had 60 of the most beautiful, talented, loving, thriving women. we all walked away blessed and encouraged.

below is a small peak of miss olivia used in a photoshoot that kelly moore grabbed!



i’ve begun to get my hands into boutonnieres lately…so small and fun! i’m excited to begin playing around with these and adding some of them to the store very soon!

the boutonniere below was made specifically for one of our models at love affair workshop this year, amanda, who also works with me at MHP! {photos from that shoot to come soon!}

in the meantime, here are some quick shots i grabbed of the infamous kyle runner- the amazing person who does all of my photos for my website.

many thanks to you for your patience, stellar photos any time i need them, and for allowing me to put you on the other side of the camera- in this vest…






i am absolutely obsessed with this creative team of young artists and their amazing paper-mades.

if you’re looking for a unique way to bring a little color to a wedding or a party- you’ll definitely want to get your hands on some of this creative amazing-ness.

and for all of you DIY lovers- you can re-create confetti like this at home! gather colorful ribbons & strips of construction paper and tissue and tie them around some funky wire, and hang it up to brighten a room!



i am falling in love with tulle netting and all the unique ways you can spin it and sew it up to make darling things for your hair, shoes, or even that favorite cozy cardigan.

here is a pair i recently sewed up with brightly colored threads and a button for the center. i’m in love.




Amazing news!

The photoshoot I styled in collaboration with Salt Harbor and Millie Holloman was featured today on the Style Me Pretty blog- including my miss bluebell piece!

You can check the feature out here. Happy Friday!

Picture 1

Picture 2


hello from atlanta!

i’ve been creating some headpieces for the models while here and am really excited about them!

here is a peak at one of my new favorites, miss gwyneth. isn’t this lovely so dreamy? i love the yellows and rich browns…



i’m currently off in midtown, atlanta for love affair workshop 2009!

i can truly say this is the beginning of one of our best photography workshops yet. it’s been so refreshing being surrounded by a thriving city and busy nights, creativity, and too much love to go around in five days.

we’ve spent way too many hours laughing and shopping together, we’ve eaten somewhere interesting and eclectic every night, and we’ve let the loud sounds and heartbeat of the pulsing streets sink into us.

and to top the entire trip off, even though it’s just starting, i bought a $3.50 cardigan and mustache mug, and there’s no other way to explain their amazing-ness.

i love this life. {many more photos and blogs about love affair to come soon}



i’ve been wanting to write this post for so, so dearly long now, and haven’t been able to because of beauty-full days, busy-ness, loving life, clear morning light and summer nights, and wonderful travels.

my amazing mother’s birthday was june 7th and i wanted to do something fantastic for her. i adore her and wanted her to feel how special she really is on her sunday afternoon birthday this year.

i got together with my sister and we decided to have photographs taken of us spending time together and simply doing things we love, and surprise mom with the photos.

the result was the creation of a rich, vintage, heart-wrenching, wildflower-picking, lazy-day photoshoot where my sister and I really got to have time together enjoying life, enjoying the sunlight falling, and laughing.

i created some headpiece lovelies for the shoot as well, you’ll notice the miss ellie piece on my sister, lauren, and i made some fabulous minis for my hair and shoes! (look for these online in the store)

the sole purpose of these photos was to have fun taking them and to bring joy to our mom when she saw them, and i hope you’ll love them as well.

thank you to millie holloman, my jaw dropping, mega-talented boss (and dear friend) who made this gorgeous shoot possible.

you can find the rest of the photos here.















my sister and i planned a fun photoshoot for our dearest mother’s birthday, as a complete surprise!

i ran around this tiny town grabbing up any vintage books and records and blankets i could find and slowly pieced together our wardrobes…

but you’ll have to wait and see the photos later!

in the meantime, here are the  minis i created for my hair and shoes for the photoshoot which i’ve fallen in love with…the great thing about this tiny duo is you can buy them together or separate!



i have been busy creating tons of headpieces and lovely little extra things in my free time that i’m finally getting around to putting online at my etsy!

i’m beginning to take custom orders, so if you’re interested in creating your own loveliness feel free to contact me with any ideas you may want/have!
here are a few new pieces i put together recently…

‘miss camille’


i recently collaborated with jennifer from the fabulous Salt Harbor Design, and my very own boss, millie holloman and styled a shoot for a new event site here in wilm.

the two pieces below were created just for our beautiful model, Abi Blackerby. you can see the rest of the photos from that lovely shoot here and here.


‘miss ellie’


‘miss bluebell’

:: if you're interested in your own custom loveliness,

feel free to visit my shop by clicking the image above

or write me an email ::


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