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life just keeps getting busier, the orders keep adding up, and the days are getting shorter…

and that means this little blog of mine gets more and more neglected.

to stay up to date and get all of the behind-the-scenes fun on my handmades, my inspirations, and any other random pieces of my life,

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currently obsessed with:

and of course, how ridiculously gorgeous Kelly O is wearing one in this issue of Paper…

hope everyone’s having a great weekend. xx

Here is just the beginning of our new line of accessories for blackbirdblue…intricately sewn blooms hanging from pretty metals, and adorned with varied buttons.

Dramatic enough to wear with a simple solid, and soft enough to mix & match with a pretty pattern.

There are lots of options for fabrics, accents, buttons, and chains…this neck pretty can be made & worn almost any way your heart desires.

Let your garden grow. xo

It’s christmas time at the studio today…

I’ve found that wrapping presents is so much more fun when done in patterned fabrics, bows, and stamps…

Hope everyone is having a perfect holiday.


Besides hot lattes and being surrounded by the warmth of family, these are just a few things I’m dreaming of…

What’s on your wish list for the holiday?


This winter has been full of custom orders, new fabrics, and tons of warm-your-heart-up inspiration…

In the next few days I’ll finally be releasing photos of our new accessory line…you won’t want to miss out on these necklaces!

Wishing you brisk days, and warm hearts-


My amazing friend, Amanda, who I work along side with every day at MHP, is now going to have her own handmade items sold in my shop!

Amanda has been a busy little bee making handmade paper creations, such as flowers for hair, magnets, clips, etc. so I decided it was time we collaborated…

Amanda and I have not only been friends and co-workers for a long time, but we have always encouraged and supported each other’s creativity. I’m so excited to be able to share her work with you, and I think you’ll love seeing some of the beautiful things she makes!

Make sure to stop by her new corner of the shop called “the paper doll” and browse through her lovely little creations…

Amanda takes custom orders as well, so feel free to convo us about your own personal paper-made!

Welcome to blackbirdblue, Amanda!

{little loves, set of three}


here’s a quick little collage of some more things i’m loving now that it’s finally fall…as well as some fun things i’ve been inspired by.

it’s been raining here in our beach town as if it were seattle. so lovely.

hope everyone’s enjoying pretty pink evenings and wet boots.


{this adorable image via fine little day}

i’ve been so busy lately filling custom orders for brides, that i haven’t been able to update the shop-

but i can promise you i’ve had my hands completely wrapped up in new projects, and i can’t wait to share glimpses of those with you over the next few weeks.

stay tuned for more hairpieces, *new* accessories, and *new* soon-to-be housewares handmades in my shop!

in the meantime, isn’t this colorful screenprint darling? hope everyone is having a beautiful wednesday.




i’ve been so in love with the brisk mornings we’ve been having here lately that i dug out my favorite pair of boots and have been drinking raspberry & pumpkin spice lattes almost every morning…

organic threads, double layered scarves, recycled DIY, hot teas, french music, and unearthen jewelry…these are all of my fall must-haves.

i know it’s only september, but this teasing weather is making me hopeful for fall to come faster than ever.


check out carla bruni’s album, Quelqu’un m’a dit. this album is perfect for the mornings and the bittersweet mix of tender and raw- with nothing but carla’s honest voice and soft guitar melodies.

and if you’re in love with little metal treasures for your neck and fingers, visit here and here.

happy brisk mornings, hot teas, and boot wearing!


i’ve just recently acquired a new little workspace for making my lovelies and have gotten it organized with compartments and baskets and drawers for all of my fun crafty things.

i’ve been completely in love with my new space, and have remained tucked away in it, experimenting with making all kinds of new fabric flowers.

i’m so excited about some of the fabric patterns i picked up recently, as well as some fun new colors of tulle and adorable rustic buttons. the mix of all three is absolutely delightful and i can’t wait to share photos with you soon…

hope everyone is having a beautiful wednesday.

the weather here is a such a breath of fresh air…i’m working with my windows open…



{photo by our labor of love}

i’m not positive i’ve taken the time to express quite adequately my love for joy thigpen.

if you haven’t heard of her, you need need need to go look at her work. and if you don’t know her personally, you should make that a life goal. <3

joy thigpen is not only amazing at what she does (design & wedding photography), but she is one of the loveliest personalities to be around and get to know.

i had the delightful opportunity of meeting her (and her way-too-cool assistant, brittany) at love affair, as she was the designer behind our “sweeten” theme for this year’s workshop.

her unique way of pulling in details and pairing elements to make a room, space, or entire event come to life is absolutely brilliant. everything she touches seems to turn into a dreamworld.

i worked along side her to prepare for the finale night and got SO unbelievably excited when she shared with me that we would be re-creating something similar to that of confetti system’s handmade, colorful streamers. {if you haven’t read my blog about confetti system, read about them here!}

to top off the streamers, joy brought in a collection of mix and match tea lights, all kinds of the most delightful flowers in sweet little vases, home-made jams, and we scattered paper-punched hearts anywhere possible.

it was the most beautiful night i have ever been apart of.

thank you joy, for your remarkable brain, your eye for color, your delight in details- and for letting me be a part of all that you do!



{details by lauren clark}


Picture 2

{photos by the beautiful nancy ray, love affair attendee!}



i am absolutely obsessed with this creative team of young artists and their amazing paper-mades.

if you’re looking for a unique way to bring a little color to a wedding or a party- you’ll definitely want to get your hands on some of this creative amazing-ness.

and for all of you DIY lovers- you can re-create confetti like this at home! gather colorful ribbons & strips of construction paper and tissue and tie them around some funky wire, and hang it up to brighten a room!


:: if you're interested in your own custom loveliness,

feel free to visit my shop by clicking the image above

or write me an email ::


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