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You may have seen this storyboard I posted a few weeks ago that inspired a recent photo shoot two of my favorites, Millie & Jennifer, styled and photographed.

I was asked to create a 50’s inspired headpiece for the photo shoot, and it was so fun finding inspiration from vintage pillbox hats, birdcage veils, and all of the fashionable things women got to wear in that time period.

I wanted the piece to fit another era, yet still reflect my personal style and have a more modern feel for today.

A few sewn rosebuds, a piece of vintage tulle, and a button fashioned of swirling tree roots and flowers- and we had the perfect mix of now & then.

Thanks to Millie & Amanda, as always, for these gorgeous shots, as well as Jennifer for her ability to take a storyboard dream, and make it even more perfect in reality. I’m so blessed to work with all of you on a daily basis.

Look for this piece in the shop today! xo


I just created a new 50’s inspired headpiece for this beautiful photo shoot we (the always amazing Millie & Jennifer) styled this past weekend…

I absolutely can not describe how breath taking this shoot was- but you’ll have to wait for the images until next week!

In the mean time, here is a sneak peak of the storyboard…

Hope everyone is enjoying lots of cozy warm layers, hats & scarves, and bright winter sunshine-

Here are the last half of the images from our Inspiration to Reality shoot that I took part in for Style Me Pretty. {read more about this in previous posts} 

I had such an incredible time collaborating with Millie Holloman, Jennifer from Salt Harbor Design, Nicki’s Cakes, and so many other ridiculously talented vendors…

Enjoy. xo

thanks to the amazing Charlene of South ‘n’ France  for these delicious treats…

ask about a custom order for a blanket similar to this! available in the shop soon…

Custom pillows available in the shop now!

Thanks to everyone who made this beautiful day possible!


© 2009 millie holloman photography, all rights reserved

Here are the first half of images from our Inspiration to Reality shoot for Style Me Pretty! This was such an exciting adventure for all of us…such an amazing thing to see a storyboard turn into ideas that turn into a dream right before your eyes!

Enough talking…here is part one of the table, as well as the headpiece I designed for this shoot!

Look for this new piece in the shop!

Stay tuned for more sweetness + the ceremony!

© 2009 millie holloman photography, all rights reserved

I have been absolutely bursting at the seams to share what I’ve been up to these last few weeks, but have had to keep it under wraps for so, so long!

I am so excited to say that just a few weeks ago I had the chance to participate in Style Me Pretty’s “From Inspiration to Reality Challenge”, where teams of photographers, designers, and vendors all come together to bring a beautiful storyboard to life!

If you haven’t heard about these challenges, or seen the loveliness they create, you can go check them out here.

I got the amazing opportunity to design the headpieces and the ring-bearer pillow for this challenge, as well as the chance to work with my amazing boss, Millie Holloman, our favorite designer, Jennifer from Salt Harbor Designs, and so many other talented vendors!

Our challenge began with this playful and whimsical board…

We absolutely loved the pastel colors, the child-like playfulness, and the whole idea of sugary treats, sweet bunting banners, and florals florals florals.

Stay tuned for part one and two of all of our images from this magical photo shoot that I’ll be posting this weekend!

When Sarah, Elizabeth, Hannah, and Victoria Jarman contacted me about styling & photographing a ‘sisters shoot’ for them similar to my own, I was beyond giddy.

I immediately began piecing together a color pallette, began creating new hair pieces to match the shoot, and put together an inspiration board- full of images of candy hearts, hanging butterflies, chandeliers, soft sunlight, frolicking, and vintage colors.

Not only did I love styling this shoot because I absolutely love what I do for a living, but I loved it because it provided a challenge for me. Not only was this my first time shooting alone, but I was photographing 4 girls at once! I also really wanted to keep the style of the shoot cohesive, yet still convey each of the girls’ unique personalities through their clothing.

We started the day off by hanging a chandelier in a near by tree, just to give the location a bit of an enchanting feel…


I found the amazing vintage locket around Sarah’s neck while thrifting for only $5!


Instead of using the typical idea of vintage books or polaroids, I decided to use W Magazines as props for the girls- which truly fit them the most, and added great color. We ripped out favorite fashion spreads and let them scatter for the following shots…


This creamy, delicate lovely Elizabeth is wearing in her hair will be available in the shop soon!


I searched high and low for the absolute perfect confetti, and finally stumbled upon these beautiful, pastel confetti circles. Perfection.


I had the girls pick pages from the magazines that they loved the most for the following sequence- I love the fun colors the magazines added!


Victoria was nothing but grins and giddyness when I gave her one of my Sarah Luna (my favorite designer) dresses to wear..


Thank you to the Jarman girls for asking me to do this, giving me full creative freedom, and for being truly, richly beautiful from the inside and out- you girls are simply captivating.

Thank you to Millie. For wrangling me in from fashion school, teaching me every little thing I know about a camera, and letting me take off with as much creativity as I desire, every single day of the week.

I love what I do. I love this life.


today was a whirlwind of open fields, chandeliers, ripped up magazines, giant confetti, wildflowers, & wearing our hearts on our sleeves.

more on this photoshoot, the styling, the headpieces, and these four gorgeous girls tomorrow…

good night, everyone. xo



Just a few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to create a new hair piece for a sexy boudoir shoot!

Rachel is not only one of my friends, but also a fellow photographer in our company at MHP. When she contacted me about creating a headpiece {with a birdcage veil!} for her boudoir, I was so thrilled.

I had so much fun dreaming up the lovely and making it match her beautiful lingerie…but I won’t let you see the lingerie part- that’s for her huz’s eyes only!

If you would like a sweet little birdcage veil for yourself, or a piece similar to Rachel’s, you can contact me in my shop.





amanda not only works with me at MHP, but is one of the most beautiful people I know and is married to an amazing man- brent holloman.

they’ve been married for almost 3 years and are an incredible example of easy-going love, balance, and the beauty behind marrying someone that is your perfect compliment.

amanda & brent modeled this year for love affair {read more about this in older posts} and their photos came out absolutely heart wrenching.

i designed the sticks & thistles boutonniere to be small & light to work with her hair, and i incorporated the colors from her gorgeous anthropologie dress…i think the duo was jaw-dropping.

enjoy! {photos by lauren clark}




happy 3rd anniversary to you two. i love your love for each other and pray that god blesses you with many more to come!

images from love affair this year are slowly but surely trickling in to the photo studio the last few weeks…

it’s been so great to see all of the amazing aspects of the workshop tied together and made tangible in all of these creative and remarkable photographs.

love affair was the creative brain child of my mega-talented boss, millie holloman, in collaboration with 3 other unbelievably gifted photographers- lauren clark, kelly moore, and davina fear.

love affair was designed to help women build their business, reignite their passions, and learn how to have a love affair with everything they adore in life- never letting business push out the small joys of living.

i’m so proud of the amazing things love affair has done for so many women worldwide. and this year’s workshop in midtown, atlanta was our BEST yet.

we had 60 of the most beautiful, talented, loving, thriving women. we all walked away blessed and encouraged.

below is a small peak of miss olivia used in a photoshoot that kelly moore grabbed!



my sister and i planned a fun photoshoot for our dearest mother’s birthday, as a complete surprise!

i ran around this tiny town grabbing up any vintage books and records and blankets i could find and slowly pieced together our wardrobes…

but you’ll have to wait and see the photos later!

in the meantime, here are the  minis i created for my hair and shoes for the photoshoot which i’ve fallen in love with…the great thing about this tiny duo is you can buy them together or separate!



i have been busy creating tons of headpieces and lovely little extra things in my free time that i’m finally getting around to putting online at my etsy!

i’m beginning to take custom orders, so if you’re interested in creating your own loveliness feel free to contact me with any ideas you may want/have!
here are a few new pieces i put together recently…

‘miss camille’


i recently collaborated with jennifer from the fabulous Salt Harbor Design, and my very own boss, millie holloman and styled a shoot for a new event site here in wilm.

the two pieces below were created just for our beautiful model, Abi Blackerby. you can see the rest of the photos from that lovely shoot here and here.


‘miss ellie’


‘miss bluebell’

:: if you're interested in your own custom loveliness,

feel free to visit my shop by clicking the image above

or write me an email ::


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