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Happy New Year, loves.

I hope 2010 brings you the deepest love, the purest living, and the longest laughter.


{photo by: the alf memoirs}


When Sarah, Elizabeth, Hannah, and Victoria Jarman contacted me about styling & photographing a ‘sisters shoot’ for them similar to my own, I was beyond giddy.

I immediately began piecing together a color pallette, began creating new hair pieces to match the shoot, and put together an inspiration board- full of images of candy hearts, hanging butterflies, chandeliers, soft sunlight, frolicking, and vintage colors.

Not only did I love styling this shoot because I absolutely love what I do for a living, but I loved it because it provided a challenge for me. Not only was this my first time shooting alone, but I was photographing 4 girls at once! I also really wanted to keep the style of the shoot cohesive, yet still convey each of the girls’ unique personalities through their clothing.

We started the day off by hanging a chandelier in a near by tree, just to give the location a bit of an enchanting feel…


I found the amazing vintage locket around Sarah’s neck while thrifting for only $5!


Instead of using the typical idea of vintage books or polaroids, I decided to use W Magazines as props for the girls- which truly fit them the most, and added great color. We ripped out favorite fashion spreads and let them scatter for the following shots…


This creamy, delicate lovely Elizabeth is wearing in her hair will be available in the shop soon!


I searched high and low for the absolute perfect confetti, and finally stumbled upon these beautiful, pastel confetti circles. Perfection.


I had the girls pick pages from the magazines that they loved the most for the following sequence- I love the fun colors the magazines added!


Victoria was nothing but grins and giddyness when I gave her one of my Sarah Luna (my favorite designer) dresses to wear..


Thank you to the Jarman girls for asking me to do this, giving me full creative freedom, and for being truly, richly beautiful from the inside and out- you girls are simply captivating.

Thank you to Millie. For wrangling me in from fashion school, teaching me every little thing I know about a camera, and letting me take off with as much creativity as I desire, every single day of the week.

I love what I do. I love this life.


i’m not positive i’ve taken the time to express quite adequately my love for joy thigpen.

if you haven’t heard of her, you need need need to go look at her work. and if you don’t know her personally, you should make that a life goal. <3

joy thigpen is not only amazing at what she does (design & wedding photography), but she is one of the loveliest personalities to be around and get to know.

i had the delightful opportunity of meeting her (and her way-too-cool assistant, brittany) at love affair, as she was the designer behind our “sweeten” theme for this year’s workshop.

her unique way of pulling in details and pairing elements to make a room, space, or entire event come to life is absolutely brilliant. everything she touches seems to turn into a dreamworld.

i worked along side her to prepare for the finale night and got SO unbelievably excited when she shared with me that we would be re-creating something similar to that of confetti system’s handmade, colorful streamers. {if you haven’t read my blog about confetti system, read about them here!}

to top off the streamers, joy brought in a collection of mix and match tea lights, all kinds of the most delightful flowers in sweet little vases, home-made jams, and we scattered paper-punched hearts anywhere possible.

it was the most beautiful night i have ever been apart of.

thank you joy, for your remarkable brain, your eye for color, your delight in details- and for letting me be a part of all that you do!



{details by lauren clark}


Picture 2

{photos by the beautiful nancy ray, love affair attendee!}

i’m currently off in midtown, atlanta for love affair workshop 2009!

i can truly say this is the beginning of one of our best photography workshops yet. it’s been so refreshing being surrounded by a thriving city and busy nights, creativity, and too much love to go around in five days.

we’ve spent way too many hours laughing and shopping together, we’ve eaten somewhere interesting and eclectic every night, and we’ve let the loud sounds and heartbeat of the pulsing streets sink into us.

and to top the entire trip off, even though it’s just starting, i bought a $3.50 cardigan and mustache mug, and there’s no other way to explain their amazing-ness.

i love this life. {many more photos and blogs about love affair to come soon}



i’ve been wanting to write this post for so, so dearly long now, and haven’t been able to because of beauty-full days, busy-ness, loving life, clear morning light and summer nights, and wonderful travels.

my amazing mother’s birthday was june 7th and i wanted to do something fantastic for her. i adore her and wanted her to feel how special she really is on her sunday afternoon birthday this year.

i got together with my sister and we decided to have photographs taken of us spending time together and simply doing things we love, and surprise mom with the photos.

the result was the creation of a rich, vintage, heart-wrenching, wildflower-picking, lazy-day photoshoot where my sister and I really got to have time together enjoying life, enjoying the sunlight falling, and laughing.

i created some headpiece lovelies for the shoot as well, you’ll notice the miss ellie piece on my sister, lauren, and i made some fabulous minis for my hair and shoes! (look for these online in the store)

the sole purpose of these photos was to have fun taking them and to bring joy to our mom when she saw them, and i hope you’ll love them as well.

thank you to millie holloman, my jaw dropping, mega-talented boss (and dear friend) who made this gorgeous shoot possible.

you can find the rest of the photos here.















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