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I’ve been wanting to post about this wedding all summer long…

Mandy + Drew had a beautiful wedding day with more details than imaginable. With both of them being lawyers, they even ended the day with an awesome “Clue-themed” reception– completely unique to them.

Unfortunately I was unable to get any good shots of the flower I made for her, but the wedding was incredible to say the least, and I was so glad to be a part of it all.



made a fun flower for one of my good friends, brittany beard, who just got married to the coolest guy around.

they are too much fun, super smart, stylish, rad, etc etc and all the other things cool people are.

needless to say, i love them. and i love the fact that they are huz + wife now.

{all photos: brett arthur photography}

Got to make some fun chiffon & tulle flowers for the bridesmaids in this pretty wedding…

Farren’s wedding was over-the-top beautiful and I’m so happy I got to be apart.

Here are a just a few captures of Farren + Kevin’s wedding day, you can see the rest of it all here.

{all photos: Millie Holloman Photography}

The batch of peachy-pink chiffon flowers I created just a few weeks ago are now for sale in my etsy shop!

Get them here. {6 available}

I’ve just started to make headbands and hair clips for kids! Hopefully I’ll have a mini-photoshoot of these things soon, but until then I’m putting one of my newest headbands for sale on etsy.

Over the next month I’ll be seeing how well the “littles” sell and possibly make more in the future- so be looking out for more cute headbands, as well as mini-clips, embellishments, etc.

For now, here’s the newest addition…

If you have kids and would like to custom order some items similar to this, feel free to shoot me an email at blackbirdblue {at}

So happy that these fun pieces are up in the shop today!

These pieces all got shown a little love at the Art of Fashion show in March of this year…I was asked to be a contributor to the show by some *amazing* fellow friends of mine that I attended fashion school with  not too long ago.

I was of course happy to participate, and it was maybe just a little too convenient that my favorite childhood book (Alice in Wonderland) had just come out on the big screens for a little spark of inspiration…

Below is the inspiration board I used to create a good mix of modern Alice & me…

Enjoy, and go grab them in the shop! xx

Just whipped up a small batch of these soft peachy-pink chiffon petals with mix & match pearl centers…these littles are perfect with those summer dresses, out to a wedding, or clipped to hats and bags.

There will be six available in the shop soon so grab them before they go!

Not only have I been behind the scenes creating lots of new new things for the sadly-not-updated shop of mine…but I’m also going to be getting back in my hands all of the Alice-inspired pieces I made for the Art of Fashion show back in March…

so so so thrilled. hopefully you will all love these pieces as much as my heart does.


A few weeks ago I got asked by my friend Rachel Williamson, (who just happens to be an awesome photographer in Nashville), to make a custom piece for her adorable little sister, Andie Lee.

Rachel wanted Andie to be completely surprised- so she sent me a few swatches of her sister’s prom dress, I whipped up a flower to match, and within days it arrived on Andie’s doorstep. I love surprises myself, so I was really excited to be able to take part in Andie Lee’s special night!

Thanks to Rachel I have photos of Andie Lee in her gorgeous silk green dress & wearing the flower in her hair…

I’m so glad you loved the flower, Andie Lee, and I wish you all the best in the coming year.

Made completely out of black velvet corduroy and intricately hand-beaded, this piece is intricate, one-of-a-kind, and really fun to wear out at night!

Grab it in the shop before it’s gone!

When Brittany contacted me about a custom piece this past winter for her rustic, bird-themed February wedding, I was already excited simply because of her details.

From a color palette of rich greens, creams & touches of purple, to birds & typewriters, handmades, and a gorgeous reception at Villa del Sol d’Oro… I knew it was going to be a very perfect wedding.

Not only did I find it lovely, but Southern Weddings Mag did as well…stop by and check out their feature on my work + Brittany’s beautiful day on their blog today!

all photos: dana grant photography

Thanks Brittany for sharing your day with me!

And if you’re a bride that I’ve created a lovely for, feel free to send me photos of your day- I would love to share them!

You may have seen this storyboard I posted a few weeks ago that inspired a recent photo shoot two of my favorites, Millie & Jennifer, styled and photographed.

I was asked to create a 50’s inspired headpiece for the photo shoot, and it was so fun finding inspiration from vintage pillbox hats, birdcage veils, and all of the fashionable things women got to wear in that time period.

I wanted the piece to fit another era, yet still reflect my personal style and have a more modern feel for today.

A few sewn rosebuds, a piece of vintage tulle, and a button fashioned of swirling tree roots and flowers- and we had the perfect mix of now & then.

Thanks to Millie & Amanda, as always, for these gorgeous shots, as well as Jennifer for her ability to take a storyboard dream, and make it even more perfect in reality. I’m so blessed to work with all of you on a daily basis.

Look for this piece in the shop today! xo

It’s been yet another fun time of getting dolled up in anything that shines, drinking wine with loved ones, and celebrating midnight with confetti everywhere…

It’s time to look back on the last 365 fondly; carefully tucking away the beautiful memories, and forgetting & learning from the not-so-lovely ones.

In light of the coming year, I’ve put a lot of last year’s pieces on sale in the shop!

Also, I made this little band of shimmering fabrics, beads, and buttons available in the shop…

the celebrating is certainly not over yet, so make sure and head on over and don’t miss out!

If you have been loving the images from the Inspiration to Reality photo shoot for Style Me Pretty, then you will also love the fact that all of the hand mades for the shoot are now for sale in my shop today!

I absolutely love the hair piece below and had so much fun creating it. This piece has a flower made of soft yellow tufts of cotton & vintage tulle, a touch of peach and a doily as a base, and is sweetly finished off with a button painted robin’s egg blue.

If you love daydreaming, sugar, and sweet dresses- this lovely is perfect for you!

Buy it here before it’s gone!


One of my greatest loves in the world is creating things for others to wear in their hair, brighten a room, or add color to something ordinary…but something I love almost as much as making these things, is seeing photographs of them!

It makes me so happy when I get to see pictures of my headpieces being worn by the people I made them uniquely for.

If you have any photographs of you and your lovely little item you might have purchased from blackbirdblue, send it my way! I would love to see how you are putting it to use!

Below are photographs of the Miss Bluebell piece being worn by Mary Wyar- not only is she adorable, she’s an awesome photographer! You can browse her work here.


{all photos: love is greater photography}

Here are the first half of images from our Inspiration to Reality shoot for Style Me Pretty! This was such an exciting adventure for all of us…such an amazing thing to see a storyboard turn into ideas that turn into a dream right before your eyes!

Enough talking…here is part one of the table, as well as the headpiece I designed for this shoot!

Look for this new piece in the shop!

Stay tuned for more sweetness + the ceremony!

© 2009 millie holloman photography, all rights reserved

this lovely from the photoshoot below is becoming available in the shop for purchase today!

buy it as is, or choose your own fabric, your own color of tulle, and add any button, bead, pearl, etc. for the center.

hope everyone is staying dry out there…it’s absolute, relentless rain here today. i kind of like it every once in awhile…



When Sarah, Elizabeth, Hannah, and Victoria Jarman contacted me about styling & photographing a ‘sisters shoot’ for them similar to my own, I was beyond giddy.

I immediately began piecing together a color pallette, began creating new hair pieces to match the shoot, and put together an inspiration board- full of images of candy hearts, hanging butterflies, chandeliers, soft sunlight, frolicking, and vintage colors.

Not only did I love styling this shoot because I absolutely love what I do for a living, but I loved it because it provided a challenge for me. Not only was this my first time shooting alone, but I was photographing 4 girls at once! I also really wanted to keep the style of the shoot cohesive, yet still convey each of the girls’ unique personalities through their clothing.

We started the day off by hanging a chandelier in a near by tree, just to give the location a bit of an enchanting feel…


I found the amazing vintage locket around Sarah’s neck while thrifting for only $5!


Instead of using the typical idea of vintage books or polaroids, I decided to use W Magazines as props for the girls- which truly fit them the most, and added great color. We ripped out favorite fashion spreads and let them scatter for the following shots…


This creamy, delicate lovely Elizabeth is wearing in her hair will be available in the shop soon!


I searched high and low for the absolute perfect confetti, and finally stumbled upon these beautiful, pastel confetti circles. Perfection.


I had the girls pick pages from the magazines that they loved the most for the following sequence- I love the fun colors the magazines added!


Victoria was nothing but grins and giddyness when I gave her one of my Sarah Luna (my favorite designer) dresses to wear..


Thank you to the Jarman girls for asking me to do this, giving me full creative freedom, and for being truly, richly beautiful from the inside and out- you girls are simply captivating.

Thank you to Millie. For wrangling me in from fashion school, teaching me every little thing I know about a camera, and letting me take off with as much creativity as I desire, every single day of the week.

I love what I do. I love this life.


Just a few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to create a new hair piece for a sexy boudoir shoot!

Rachel is not only one of my friends, but also a fellow photographer in our company at MHP. When she contacted me about creating a headpiece {with a birdcage veil!} for her boudoir, I was so thrilled.

I had so much fun dreaming up the lovely and making it match her beautiful lingerie…but I won’t let you see the lingerie part- that’s for her huz’s eyes only!

If you would like a sweet little birdcage veil for yourself, or a piece similar to Rachel’s, you can contact me in my shop.





Today I got an email from one of my lovely brides, Cori, letting me know that my work + her gorgeous Arizona wedding was featured on Style Me Pretty!

Picture 1

A short while ago, Cori purchased the Miss Gwyneth piece, and had me create a custom boutonniere to match!

When speaking with her, everything about Cori’s day sounded like a fairytale- mason jars, wildflower fields, navy blue dresses, a cabin in the woods, and the list goes on.

I was so excited to get a glimpse of her special day and all of the unique handmade details that made this Arizona wedding the rustic, woodsy fairy tale that it was!

Here are a few of my favorites. Enjoy.

Picture 3

Picture 5

Picture 8

Picture 10

Picture 6

Picture 9

You can see the rest of this feature on style me pretty here, here, and here!

Thank you, Cori!

{all photos: sarah neal photography}

I’m starting to put together a lot of pieces for my fall line…the fall color pallette is so beautiful and rich, and I can’t wait to see what lovelies I come up with for the upcoming season…

In the meantime, I give you Miss June– layers of dark & light pink petals sewn together with a colorful, beaded center, and a pop of sheer, robin’s egg blue leaves.

I thought it would be fun to make a bright & playful headpiece as a way to say farewell to summer and it’s sweet heat, strawberry picking, slow falling sunlight, and clear starry night skies.

happy monday everyone.



If you’re interested in Miss June, you can purchase her here in my shop.

{photos: runner photography}

my dear friend, abi blackerby, {mentioned here} is not only funny, beautiful, and charming- but is the representative for the gorgeous orton plantation gardens; a historic plantation grounds used for events & weddings here in wilmington.

each year abi, in collaboration with focus on the coast magazine, heads up a popular event involving 300-400 women called “Girl’s Nite Out” that supports the pink ribbon campaign and raises breast cancer awareness. the event is then featured in each year’s october issue of focus on the coast, which is national breast cancer awareness month.

it’s a huge night of live music, food, wine & drinks, painting demos, giveaways, and of course- tons of ladies in pretty pink!

abi came to me and asked if i would create something she could wear in her hair that would fit her personality, yet also be perfect for the night.

after numerous trips to the fabric store, too many swatches of pink, and the hunt for the perfect button- i give you abi’s lovely!



i’ll be selling this piece, plus many more variations, in my shop. send me an email or conversation on my etsy if you’d like to place a custom order for something similar for yourself!

happy thursday, xo

images from love affair this year are slowly but surely trickling in to the photo studio the last few weeks…

it’s been so great to see all of the amazing aspects of the workshop tied together and made tangible in all of these creative and remarkable photographs.

love affair was the creative brain child of my mega-talented boss, millie holloman, in collaboration with 3 other unbelievably gifted photographers- lauren clark, kelly moore, and davina fear.

love affair was designed to help women build their business, reignite their passions, and learn how to have a love affair with everything they adore in life- never letting business push out the small joys of living.

i’m so proud of the amazing things love affair has done for so many women worldwide. and this year’s workshop in midtown, atlanta was our BEST yet.

we had 60 of the most beautiful, talented, loving, thriving women. we all walked away blessed and encouraged.

below is a small peak of miss olivia used in a photoshoot that kelly moore grabbed!



i am falling in love with tulle netting and all the unique ways you can spin it and sew it up to make darling things for your hair, shoes, or even that favorite cozy cardigan.

here is a pair i recently sewed up with brightly colored threads and a button for the center. i’m in love.




hello from atlanta!

i’ve been creating some headpieces for the models while here and am really excited about them!

here is a peak at one of my new favorites, miss gwyneth. isn’t this lovely so dreamy? i love the yellows and rich browns…



i’ve been wanting to write this post for so, so dearly long now, and haven’t been able to because of beauty-full days, busy-ness, loving life, clear morning light and summer nights, and wonderful travels.

my amazing mother’s birthday was june 7th and i wanted to do something fantastic for her. i adore her and wanted her to feel how special she really is on her sunday afternoon birthday this year.

i got together with my sister and we decided to have photographs taken of us spending time together and simply doing things we love, and surprise mom with the photos.

the result was the creation of a rich, vintage, heart-wrenching, wildflower-picking, lazy-day photoshoot where my sister and I really got to have time together enjoying life, enjoying the sunlight falling, and laughing.

i created some headpiece lovelies for the shoot as well, you’ll notice the miss ellie piece on my sister, lauren, and i made some fabulous minis for my hair and shoes! (look for these online in the store)

the sole purpose of these photos was to have fun taking them and to bring joy to our mom when she saw them, and i hope you’ll love them as well.

thank you to millie holloman, my jaw dropping, mega-talented boss (and dear friend) who made this gorgeous shoot possible.

you can find the rest of the photos here.















my sister and i planned a fun photoshoot for our dearest mother’s birthday, as a complete surprise!

i ran around this tiny town grabbing up any vintage books and records and blankets i could find and slowly pieced together our wardrobes…

but you’ll have to wait and see the photos later!

in the meantime, here are the  minis i created for my hair and shoes for the photoshoot which i’ve fallen in love with…the great thing about this tiny duo is you can buy them together or separate!



i have been busy creating tons of headpieces and lovely little extra things in my free time that i’m finally getting around to putting online at my etsy!

i’m beginning to take custom orders, so if you’re interested in creating your own loveliness feel free to contact me with any ideas you may want/have!
here are a few new pieces i put together recently…

‘miss camille’


i recently collaborated with jennifer from the fabulous Salt Harbor Design, and my very own boss, millie holloman and styled a shoot for a new event site here in wilm.

the two pieces below were created just for our beautiful model, Abi Blackerby. you can see the rest of the photos from that lovely shoot here and here.


‘miss ellie’


‘miss bluebell’

:: if you're interested in your own custom loveliness,

feel free to visit my shop by clicking the image above

or write me an email ::


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