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You may have seen this storyboard I posted a few weeks ago that inspired a recent photo shoot two of my favorites, Millie & Jennifer, styled and photographed.

I was asked to create a 50’s inspired headpiece for the photo shoot, and it was so fun finding inspiration from vintage pillbox hats, birdcage veils, and all of the fashionable things women got to wear in that time period.

I wanted the piece to fit another era, yet still reflect my personal style and have a more modern feel for today.

A few sewn rosebuds, a piece of vintage tulle, and a button fashioned of swirling tree roots and flowers- and we had the perfect mix of now & then.

Thanks to Millie & Amanda, as always, for these gorgeous shots, as well as Jennifer for her ability to take a storyboard dream, and make it even more perfect in reality. I’m so blessed to work with all of you on a daily basis.

Look for this piece in the shop today! xo


I gave a small peak at some fun center pieces I was creating for an event in California awhile back and am so excited that I can finally blog about it!

Dionne contacted me earlier in the winter about the event and gave me complete artistic freedom and trusted my vision completely.

Amanda & I had the best time hunting for fabrics, patterns, and papers that would mix & match together perfectly…we decided to stick with a pastel palette to make the brunch a combination of sweet & feminine, but we also made sure to use a lot of icy blues, soft purples, and even a vintage candy cane stripe to keep it wintery.

The event took place last weekend in SoCal at the Aroma Cafe and was hosted by the most adorable blogger I’ve ever met, Dionne Christiansen. Make sure and check out her blog, City of Dionne, where she talks about all things fun, pretty, and handmade!

The final product consisted of clusters of trees covered in paper & fabric flowers as the table center pieces, as well as flowers with name tags for each ladies’ place setting- each one unique and a treat for them to take home and wear in their hair.

This was such a fun time for everyone involved and from what I can tell, the event was a huge success!

Thank you to Dionne for contacting us, trusting our vision, and having a blog full of eye candy I get to enjoy each and every day!

{all photos: Dionne Christiansen}

I just created a new 50’s inspired headpiece for this beautiful photo shoot we (the always amazing Millie & Jennifer) styled this past weekend…

I absolutely can not describe how breath taking this shoot was- but you’ll have to wait for the images until next week!

In the mean time, here is a sneak peak of the storyboard…

Hope everyone is enjoying lots of cozy warm layers, hats & scarves, and bright winter sunshine-

wishing you a beautiful day that fills your heart

and brings you wonder.

merry christmas, everyone.

i’ve been off in the mountains for a carefree, mini-vacation the last few days…

soaking in the twilight colored mornings, seeing my breath in the brisk, clean air, climbing rocks and waterfalls…

enjoying the back and forth birds and deep black star-filled nights-

and completely in awe of the endless, organic beauty surrounding me.


more photos to come soon. xo

“life is either an adventure, or nothing.” – helen keller


i’ve been so in love with the brisk mornings we’ve been having here lately that i dug out my favorite pair of boots and have been drinking raspberry & pumpkin spice lattes almost every morning…

organic threads, double layered scarves, recycled DIY, hot teas, french music, and unearthen jewelry…these are all of my fall must-haves.

i know it’s only september, but this teasing weather is making me hopeful for fall to come faster than ever.


check out carla bruni’s album, Quelqu’un m’a dit. this album is perfect for the mornings and the bittersweet mix of tender and raw- with nothing but carla’s honest voice and soft guitar melodies.

and if you’re in love with little metal treasures for your neck and fingers, visit here and here.

happy brisk mornings, hot teas, and boot wearing!


i’ve just recently acquired a new little workspace for making my lovelies and have gotten it organized with compartments and baskets and drawers for all of my fun crafty things.

i’ve been completely in love with my new space, and have remained tucked away in it, experimenting with making all kinds of new fabric flowers.

i’m so excited about some of the fabric patterns i picked up recently, as well as some fun new colors of tulle and adorable rustic buttons. the mix of all three is absolutely delightful and i can’t wait to share photos with you soon…

hope everyone is having a beautiful wednesday.

the weather here is a such a breath of fresh air…i’m working with my windows open…



{photo by our labor of love}

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