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The batch of peachy-pink chiffon flowers I created just a few weeks ago are now for sale in my etsy shop!

Get them here. {6 available}


So happy that these fun pieces are up in the shop today!

These pieces all got shown a little love at the Art of Fashion show in March of this year…I was asked to be a contributor to the show by some *amazing* fellow friends of mine that I attended fashion school with  not too long ago.

I was of course happy to participate, and it was maybe just a little too convenient that my favorite childhood book (Alice in Wonderland) had just come out on the big screens for a little spark of inspiration…

Below is the inspiration board I used to create a good mix of modern Alice & me…

Enjoy, and go grab them in the shop! xx

Just whipped up a small batch of these soft peachy-pink chiffon petals with mix & match pearl centers…these littles are perfect with those summer dresses, out to a wedding, or clipped to hats and bags.

There will be six available in the shop soon so grab them before they go!

Not only have I been behind the scenes creating lots of new new things for the sadly-not-updated shop of mine…but I’m also going to be getting back in my hands all of the Alice-inspired pieces I made for the Art of Fashion show back in March…

so so so thrilled. hopefully you will all love these pieces as much as my heart does.


It’s been yet another fun time of getting dolled up in anything that shines, drinking wine with loved ones, and celebrating midnight with confetti everywhere…

It’s time to look back on the last 365 fondly; carefully tucking away the beautiful memories, and forgetting & learning from the not-so-lovely ones.

In light of the coming year, I’ve put a lot of last year’s pieces on sale in the shop!

Also, I made this little band of shimmering fabrics, beads, and buttons available in the shop…

the celebrating is certainly not over yet, so make sure and head on over and don’t miss out!

Here is just the beginning of our new line of accessories for blackbirdblue…intricately sewn blooms hanging from pretty metals, and adorned with varied buttons.

Dramatic enough to wear with a simple solid, and soft enough to mix & match with a pretty pattern.

There are lots of options for fabrics, accents, buttons, and chains…this neck pretty can be made & worn almost any way your heart desires.

Let your garden grow. xo

:: if you're interested in your own custom loveliness,

feel free to visit my shop by clicking the image above

or write me an email ::


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