i’ve been so in love with the brisk mornings we’ve been having here lately that i dug out my favorite pair of boots and have been drinking raspberry & pumpkin spice lattes almost every morning…

organic threads, double layered scarves, recycled DIY, hot teas, french music, and unearthen jewelry…these are all of my fall must-haves.

i know it’s only september, but this teasing weather is making me hopeful for fall to come faster than ever.


check out carla bruni’s album, Quelqu’un m’a dit. this album is perfect for the mornings and the bittersweet mix of tender and raw- with nothing but carla’s honest voice and soft guitar melodies.

and if you’re in love with little metal treasures for your neck and fingers, visit here and here.

happy brisk mornings, hot teas, and boot wearing!