i stumbled upon an adorable feature of an organic/folk inspired wedding a few months ago and have ceased to stop thinking about it.

from hand drawn, whimsical invitations with a cake to match, to a mariachi band,  an urban outfitters-styled groom, and these too-darn-cute, crafty flowers…

tissue flowers

i thought these were such a creative idea- and i’m a sucker for anything handmade- so i figured i would post these easy instructions on how to re-create this look for your own wedding or an upcoming party!

{diy project by: anna bond, rifle design}
– – –


1. gallon size glass jar; 2. sheet moss; 3. found branches; 4. pom poms; 5. scissors; 6. tissue paper; 7. hot glue gun


Cut the tissue paper into 3 different sized circles (try cutting at least 4 sheets at a time to prevent the tissue paper from ripping and to save time).


Create the paper flowers by layering the three sizes on top of each other and then:

1. Pinch the papers underneath with your fingertips in the center of the stack.
2. Gently twist the bottom to start giving the paper it’s floral shape.
3. You should now have a little nub on the underside of the flower from where you were pinching. You will use this to attach the flower to the branch.


Attach the flowers by dabbing small drops of glue onto the branch with your glue gun. Press the flowers gently to the branch for a few seconds while the glue sets.

– – –

here is a small handful of gorgeous photographs from this wedding i can’t get enough of…in the meantime, i hope everyone is having an amazing labor day weekend with loved ones.

happy paper making!   xo




if you love love love these child like, folk inspired wedding invitations- check out anna bond. she’s not only this beautiful bride, but the amazing designer of her own charming invites.

{photos by belathee photography}