i’m not positive i’ve taken the time to express quite adequately my love for joy thigpen.

if you haven’t heard of her, you need need need to go look at her work. and if you don’t know her personally, you should make that a life goal. <3

joy thigpen is not only amazing at what she does (design & wedding photography), but she is one of the loveliest personalities to be around and get to know.

i had the delightful opportunity of meeting her (and her way-too-cool assistant, brittany) at love affair, as she was the designer behind our “sweeten” theme for this year’s workshop.

her unique way of pulling in details and pairing elements to make a room, space, or entire event come to life is absolutely brilliant. everything she touches seems to turn into a dreamworld.

i worked along side her to prepare for the finale night and got SO unbelievably excited when she shared with me that we would be re-creating something similar to that of confetti system’s handmade, colorful streamers. {if you haven’t read my blog about confetti system, read about them here!}

to top off the streamers, joy brought in a collection of mix and match tea lights, all kinds of the most delightful flowers in sweet little vases, home-made jams, and we scattered paper-punched hearts anywhere possible.

it was the most beautiful night i have ever been apart of.

thank you joy, for your remarkable brain, your eye for color, your delight in details- and for letting me be a part of all that you do!



{details by lauren clark}


Picture 2

{photos by the beautiful nancy ray, love affair attendee!}